Houselessness & Hawaii’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Hawaii ranks, many years in a row, among the highest number of houseless persons per-capita, in the nation.

For too long, real solutions have been ignored–the solutions to the poverty and lack of affordable housing that drive our sisters and brothers into houselessness. Sherry believes in restricting foreign purchases of Hawaii real estate, taxing existing absentee foreign landowners to fund low-cost housing solutions and public education, temporarily require 85% of enlisted non-resident military personnel stationed in Hawaii to live on base or in military housing, increase funding for HUD, undo Secretary Ben Carson’s $6 billion HUD cuts affecting the poor, and ensure federal funding of Hawaii’s Housing First programs.

Sherry would also collaborate with the military to utilize unused military land for civilian use in affordable rentals (BRAC). Sherry believes in allocating federal funds to help the state encourage truly affordable housing by using federal dollars to pay for infrastructure costs that often inhibit the private sector from engaging in affordable housing projects.